What soft skills are needed for success in IT

13 March 2022

Increasing demand for specialists in the field of information technology is happening literally every day. At the same time, competition among IT specialists also increases to a significant extent. If you want to build a successful career in a really good company, having exceptionally hard skills is absolutely not enough. In this case, you should first find out what soft skills are needed in IT. In this article we will talk not only about such qualities, but also about the features of their development.

Skill classification

At the moment, high-paying work for programmers implies that you have several types of skills at once. Experts divide them into two large groups, which are strikingly different from each other:

  1. Hard skills. These include purely technical skills that are directly related to your professional qualifications. At the same time, you can confirm the presence of such qualities with the appropriate certificates.
  2. Soft skills. They mean personal skills of a specialist that are not related to a specific position. At the same time, they significantly increase the level of professionalism of the applicant.

Today, working in Kyiv in a large company requires you to use both soft and hard skills. Without them, it is impossible to be a successful specialist in the field of information technology, work in a team, or work effectively for the benefit of a personal project.

So, you want to find highly paid Data Science vacancies in IT or become a demanded Full Stack developer? You can hardly do without pumping soft skills!

Why should specialists of information technology develop their soft-skills?

Amount of an experienced programmer earnings is being influenced not only by his technical skills, but also by many soft skills. In addition, they affect not only the salary, but also many other important nuances, including:

  1. Ability to successfully pass the interview. If you are on the par with your competitor in hard skills, the potential employer will choose between you based on what your personal skills are. Many people can competently follow the tasks set and join the workflow, but only a few can build good communication with the team.
  2. Career growth in the future. He places a great responsibility on the specialist, which is handled by those who have developed soft skills. A manager, unlike an ordinary employee, must have not only experience, but also have the skills to make important decisions and build business communication.
  3. Effective improvement of work tasks in a team. A study on this topic was conducted in 2017 by Google. It turned out that the best teams are precisely those that consist of people with highly developed soft skills.

Thus, soft skills increase your chances of getting a job and expecting higher wages. That is why experts advise developing them in the same way as hard skills. This can be done both independently and on the appropriate courses.

The most important soft skills

Are you interested in job for full stack developers? In this case, first of all, improve your soft skills. Below you can find a list of the most important of them – those that will be useful for you in absolutely any position in the field of information technology.


With a developed communication skill, you can successfully negotiate, reach compromises and improve teamwork. It is the ability to communicate that many experts consider the basis for all other soft qualities. Without it, it will be difficult for you to grow professionally, share previously acquired experience with other people and share knowledge with colleagues.

To improve communication skills, it is necessary to have more dialogues and discuss important work issues with employees. Always take the lead. Additionally, use some techniques: maintaining eye contact, responding to certain situations, uttering monologues, etc.


It is quite understandable that the salary of a Java developer the higher the more creative it is. This skill helps to quickly adapt to new conditions, find unusual solutions of problems. In the process of project implementation, this is required quite often.

To improve the skill of creativity, one should look for new approaches to solve problems. In addition, you constantly need to take on creative tasks. The more complex and interesting they are, the faster the learning process will go.

Additionally, you can request feedback from managers. Understanding how they see your model of behavior on the project can help you in your work. Plus, you can create a personal development plan with an HR manager.


The skill of self-discipline means time management and the ability to prioritize tasks. Most often, the last one is required when performing several tasks at the same time.

For self-discipline, it is necessary to formulate the tasks set correctly – both for oneself and for subordinates. Although many recruitment agencies in Kyiv have positive reviews , yet not all of them can quickly find a job for those applicants who have low soft skills.

It is logical that the main differences between IT recruiting in Ukraine and in the USA are precisely in the fact that in America much more attention is paid to personal qualities. Therefore, if you want to get a job abroad, it will be simply impossible to do without good soft skills.

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