When will I receive an offer? HR tips for job seekers

13 March 2022

Job searches sometimes take a very long time: either the conditions are not suitable, or there is no experience, or even they do not call back at all after the interview. By the way, the latter is very common. It seems that the interview went well and the company is decent, but there was no call. Why is this happening?

Naturally, bad thoughts begin, and it seems that the reason lies precisely in you. Perhaps qualifications are not enough, or there are some problems with appearance. In fact, the reason is quite different.

What is an offer

An offer means a commercial offer. It mentions details of important points, namely the value of acquiring a product or service of a company for a target segment or a specific customer.

In simple words, an offer is a promise that a company makes to its potential clients, and in our case, to specialists who are looking for a job.

What is included in the offer

Given the important nuances when accepting an offer , you can achieve the maximum result. This matter must be approached responsibly. The offer must include the following items:

  • the name of the company that is looking for an employee;
  • duties to be performed by the new employee;
  • who is the leader of the team;
  • schedule;
  • terms of the trial period;
  • salary, bonuses and social package;
  • the start of work.

This information is considered mandatory.

Job opening

When the head of the company has a need for a new employee, the first thing he does is to make an appropriate request to HR. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big data analyst job or an ordinary manager, this issue is very important for a manager, so it should be agreed with specialists. The vacancy is entered into the recruiting plan of the region, and then a separate application is being filled out.

After the vacancy is initiated, its description is drawn up. In this case, HRs prescribe the requirements that the employee must meet. After that, the selection process is signed.

Work on a vacancy is presented in the form of a standard process for searching, attracting and selecting candidates. In fact, there is nothing complicated about this, but do not forget that in addition to your candidacy, the specialist has at least five-seven more applicants. Sometimes this figure can be two or even three times higher. Therefore, do not panic if you do not get a call back the next day. According to the rules of HR work, a specialist cannot quickly make a choice in your favor. He must consider all candidates. Such rules for a successful search for specialists are observed by all HRs without exception.

What factors influence timing

Often when a vacancy is suspended, and this is not surprising, because HR specialists are people too, so anything can happen in life. It often happens that during the search process, the recruiting plan is revised. This is the number of vacancies or requirements for candidates.

A vacancy is considered closed if the company managed to find a candidate who, in turn, accepted the Job Offer and went to work. The vacancy can be canceled by the managers themselves if they consider that they no longer need the employee.

Do not forget that the vacancy may hang until the new applicant passes the probationary period. Only after hiring an employee, an HR specialist can close the vacancy.

A question that interests many is what offers are . Between themselves, they are divided by time:

  • vacancies that do not require special skills from the candidate – up to 30 days;
  • vacancies of specialists — up to 45 days;
  • vacancies of administrative employees – up to two months;
  • vacancies for managers – from 3 to 4 months.

Big data analytics specialists should be prepared for a long wait, because the requirements for this profession are very high.

Where to look for a job for qualified specialists

With a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge, everyone wants to find a job with high pay. Today, programmers are in great demand, and many companies are looking for specialists through separate platforms.

Are you also interested in where to look for vacancies for a programmer in Europe? It is not surprising that this question is one of the most popular today, because the best working conditions and the highest salaries are offered especially abroad. For the work that a person does here in Europe, they can pay two or even three times more.

Today , many portals offer work for Ukrainians abroad without intermediaries . The main thing is to choose the right option for yourself, where reliable employers are looking for responsible candidates. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trickers in the labor market today.

How to make the right decision

For example today vacancies in Germany from direct employers appear very often. But, how among a huge number of tempting offers to choose the truly right one? Often, a person does not have enough information to make an important decision. You don’t have to be shy to ask questions. This will make it much easier to understand whether you really need this job.

You can always look for useful information about the company. As a rule, a lot is written about large enterprises that offer good salaries on the Internet. This will allow you to find out about the number of employees, about what exactly the team does. You can also always read reviews from real people who previously worked or are even now on the staff.

If you have questions, the answers to which you cannot find on the Internet, then feel free to contact recruiters. HRs interested in personnel will always provide you with the information you need.

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