How to Hire Web 3.0 Retailers

12 October 2022

The rapid development of the Web ecosystem entails a demand for Web 3.0 programmers competent in the innovative Web3 technology. If you are thinking about how to assemble a team of Web 3.0 web developers, there is a risk of encountering some difficulties. In this article, we will analyze what Web 3.0 developers do, what their responsibilities are, and where to find them. We hope that our material will be useful to you.

What are Web 3.0 developers?

Web3 developers are specialists who work with decentralized applications that run on top of Web 3.0. Advocates of this direction are of the opinion that the Internet requires fundamental changes. The point is to replace the global model of the “Internet” with a set of peer-to-peer decentralized networks.

The model is based on the interaction of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The system is expected to be powered by open-source software that users will be able to modify through open voting. The goal of Web 3.0 developers is to implement an innovative system of user interaction with the Internet, to make its operation stable and simple.

What skills should Web 3.0 developers have?

The problem of finding a highly specialized developer who will solve the tasks of a specific project is familiar to young startups and large organizations. We analyzed the main business requests as well as Data Scientist jobs and highlighted a list of skills that an effective Web 3.0 programmer should possess. He should be able to use:

  • popular programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and CSS;
  • smart contract web development;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • control-structures of Gitlab/Github variations;
  • blockchain architecture for networks;
  • blockchain architecture for TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, and JSON RPC API protocols.

Coding skills through testing as well as dApp knowledge are also required. Advanced analytical and communication skills are essential.

In order to hire an effective programmer for a startup or a large corporation, you need to clearly understand what responsibilities will be assigned to them. We offer a list of the roles of the Web3-model IT specialist:

  • Front-end developer — a manufacturer of a custom dApp skin along with an interface. The engineer must have knowledge of HTML code, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Back-end developer — a blockchain developer, with dApp UI placed on them. Knowledge of Node JS and popular programming languages ​​such as Python is required.
  • Full Stack developer is an IT specialist who combines backend and frontend skills. Must provide the services of programmers of the entire cycle: from idea development to production.
  • A data analyst is a specialist who analyzes information to determine the lines of operation and performance of the Web3 infrastructure. Based on the obtained analytics, it is necessary to make forecasts of the development of the model in the future.
  • A DevOps programmer is a specialist responsible for the adequate operation of the Web3 infrastructure. Responsibilities also include maintenance of system components.

Depending on the tasks set and the predicted results, you can hire beginners and experienced IT experts who have conducted more than one successful launch. Just before you hire a Web 3 programmer, evaluate what level of training will meet your requirements.

Where to look for footage to interact with the new model

To find personnel who work with Web3, contact an outstaffing company, a recruiting agency in the city of Kyiv or freelance sites. External experts contribute to the achievement of business goals.

Outstaffing companies are a popular option for finding Web 3.0 IT personnel. Hiring through similar agencies takes more time, but you get guarantees that the applicant fits your requirements.

Freelance sites are an opportunity to hire a programmer without intermediaries. The disadvantage of the method is that you personally need to check each candidate for compliance with your requirements. This is a big waste of time. If you manage to find a suitable developer, then it will cost less than searching through the company’s outstaff.

A recruitment agency is the most reliable answer to the question of how to find a good web programmer, as the company is interested in maximally satisfying the requests of both parties: both the candidate and the employer. You will not have to interview and test candidates, spending time and resources on this process. A developer who came through a recruiting agency is motivated to do quality and productive work in your company. Also, the database of staffing companies includes a large number of applicants, so the possibility of finding FullStack developer vacancies of the appropriate level is quite high.

In order for experienced recruiters to choose a candidate for you who will meet the maximum number of requirements, you need to clearly define them:

  • The first point is to mark the business tasks that you plan to ask the Web3 developer.
  • Next, describe the hiring criteria. Namely: what level of specialist training will suit you, whether they are needed for full-time or part-time employment, whether they should work primarily in the office or can be done remotely, what technology stack is required for a specific task, and so on.
  • Analyze the labor market in the field to understand how much it costs to hire a web 3.0 programmer. This is how you will calculate the budget and set a competitive salary. You can find out information from specialized job sites or order salary analytics from a recruiting company.

When an employee is found and registered for work, organize an adaptation period. Clearly set tasks, explain the goals and values ​​of your business. This approach will ensure a smooth integration of the new developer into the team and contribute to productive work and business promotion.

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