Outstaffing specifics, its main goals and objectives

One of the very popular services of our Professional Staff Recruitment agency is the provision of outstaffing for IT specialists. This is one of the management technologies, which in its essence is a subtype of outsourcing. At the same time, it differs in certain features that should be taken into account by any employer. On […]

Quality services from Professional Staff Recruitment

Professional Staff Recruitment is a reliable company that provides clients with several types of services related to finding the best employees in the IT field. The organization began its activity in 2007. Throughout its existence, our specialists have cooperated with many companies, both Ukrainian and foreign. Classic recruiting Our recruiting agency does the selection of […]

How to write the perfect resume? Tips and examples.

How to write a resume? Tips and examples. Hey! We work hard enough to find top-notch candidates. We check tons of resumes every day and most of them end up in the trash can. Fundamental mistakes that we see right away make us recruiters remove the resume immediately. There are many mistakes and drawbacks to […]

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