How to find the perfect job in IT?

Everyone is familiar with the situation when you are looking for vacancies in your specialty, but you cannot find the ideal one. Not suitable office location, work schedule or salary. A terrific work opportunity appears, but you aren’t a good fit for the organization. Why is this happening, and what can be done to improve […]

What is DevOps and why is it so important

When it comes to IT companies, a huge team of developers, designers, managers, testers always comes to mind. How was the recruitment of specialists in the company? A staffing job agency offers vacancies, people respond to them, and now you already have a whole team of employees. But when it comes to the release of […]

Where is it better to live and work for an IT specialist?

Novice IT professionals (developers, web designers, content managers – it doesn’t matter) everyone at the beginning and in the course of their career thinks about how to improve their skills and find a higher paying position. Since you started reading this article, it means that this topic is close and interesting to you, so today […]

Top IT careers you should pay attention to

Labor market experts tend to agree that going for an IT job in the following years is one of the most profitable choices that a job seeker can make. However, the directions vary, so a common concern is which particular job is a better fit for a tech specialist. A universal answer does not exist […]

Get a job in Python programming – reasons & steps

It is a well-known fact that modern IT has become rapidly growing because of the development of various programming languages. They have significantly simplified most processes and broadened the range of possibilities for programmers. However, such a variety has made it challenging for specialists to choose a language that will be advantageous and easy to […]

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