Get a job in Python programming – reasons & steps

It is a well-known fact that modern IT has become rapidly growing because of the development of various programming languages. They have significantly simplified most processes and broadened the range of possibilities for programmers. However, such a variety has made it challenging for specialists to choose a language that will be advantageous and easy to […]

Why contract jobs in IT is a good choice

The rapid development of the IT field has significantly diversified the global list of job opportunities, adding various options for job seekers. Nowadays, you can choose not only from countless directions to develop in IT but also from different types of employment and working environments. In such a context, the substantial growth of contract job […]

Finding a PHP job through an HR agency in 3 steps

The global demand for skilled PHP specialists has undoubtedly skyrocketed in recent years, with PHP development becoming one of the most popular jobs in the IT field. As the number of vacancies increases, an average job seeker may get lost in tons of information and offers with no idea where to start. However, modern HR […]

Five reasons why IT job hunting is more effective online

Hard to deny that job search and recruitment have changed dramatically in recent years. With total globalization and the pandemic employment crisis, it turned out that the labor market needs to optimize and digitalize the whole path from applying for a job to signing a contract. But if you are currently looking for an IT […]

Best countries for programmer immigration

The topic of labor immigration for residents of the countries of the post-Soviet space has not lost its relevance for many years. The trend is not surprising, since the demand for competent coders abroad is high, and salaries are an order of magnitude better than in the domestic market. Even the pandemic did not become […]

How to look for a job in the corona crisis – HR tips

The modern world is being challenged by Coronavirus. The economy is feeling budget deficits, companies are making decisions to make staff redundant. There are fewer and fewer good vacancies with high salaries , but the requirements for applicants are rising. How to find a job in such conditions and increase your own value in the […]

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