When will I receive an offer? HR tips for job seekers

Job searches sometimes take a very long time: either the conditions are not suitable, or there is no experience, or even they do not call back at all after the interview. By the way, the latter is very common. It seems that the interview went well and the company is decent, but there was no […]

What soft skills are needed for success in IT

Increasing demand for specialists in the field of information technology is happening literally every day. At the same time, competition among IT specialists also increases to a significant extent. If you want to build a successful career in a really good company, having exceptionally hard skills is absolutely not enough. In this case, you should […]

Work in the field of information technology

The field of information technology quickly covers different types of activities, so the labor market in IT requires more and more new personnel. That is why finding a job even for a beginner is not a big problem. This can be done both independently and through the appropriate recruiting agencies, which provide their clients with […]

Recruiting in Mykolaiv

Our recruitment agency carries out the recruitment process for companies on a turnkey basis and provides suitable employees for vacant positions. Employers only need to determine what qualifications of employees they need, and our specialists will gather qualified applicants and personally check each of the candidates. If you need to find an IT specialist in […]

Is it possible to get a job as an IT specialist abroad

The foreign labor market needs IT employees. Diplomas do not go through the rigorous tests that other professions do. Even the lack of a diploma will not interfere with getting a job. The main question when planning a programmer’s relocation is: where to go? The choice of countries is wide. The main thing is to […]

How to find a good specialist

According to statistics, recruiting personnel in the IT field for HR managers is not an easy task. They believe that you can hire a good specialist only if you have knowledge in this area. To make the search process a little easier, the majority often use the services of recruitment agency websites. Which option is […]

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