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6 February 2021

One of the areas of search and selection of personnel (both basic and rare specialists) is Executive search. The knowledge and skills of these people are unique in the labor market, as a result of which their work is quite highly paid.

Our company provides clients with executive search services, which are currently in significant demand. This is due to the fact that after the economic crisis, many companies require truly professional management personnel who are ready to restore the main financial performance indicators in a relatively short time. In addition, such employees are needed, among other things, for new organizations that are recruiting truly proven employees.

The main stages of top recruiting

It is important to note that the selection of top candidates is a rather complicated process, which is carried out only by those employees who have significant experience in this field of activity. It involves recruiting several candidates who, at a particular time or in the past, have worked in leading companies that compete with the customer’s organization.

The scheme, according to which the recruiter works, takes place in several stages. Each of them ultimately affects the final result. Among the main ones, it is worth highlighting, first of all, the following:

  1. Implementation of preliminary consultations with the customer. What is their purpose? The recruiter needs to clearly understand what kind of specialist the client needs. We are talking about his experience, professional skills, individual qualities, etc. Without considering all these factors, it is impossible to find a really good manager.
  2. Market segment research. This process allows you to understand which companies are currently competing with the customer’s business. On the basis of this, it is possible to conduct a study of the effectiveness of their management personnel and select the most professional personalities among managers.
  3. Compilation of a list of companies and the most suitable specialists for a vacant position. This list should be based on a preliminary analysis of the market segment.
  4. Negotiating with candidates. In a sense, this is the most difficult stage of a recruiter’s work, since it requires the right approach to absolutely every specialist in such a way that the proposal he received would eventually interest him. It is extremely important to discuss all the details and note more favorable terms of cooperation in the new company.
  5. Assessment of specialists taking into account certain criteria. The latter depend directly on what kind of duties will be assigned to a particular specialist.
  6. Organization of interviews of selected candidates with the employer. The latter must assess how this or that specialist meets all his requirements. In addition, during this stage of selection, it is determined how exactly the candidate sees further joint cooperation and its results.
  7. Conclusion of a contract. It is an official document in which the basic rights and obligations of each of the parties appear. It is on the basis of this that further joint cooperation is carried out.
  8. Accompanying a specialist at a new place of work. At the initial stages, this is necessary to more quickly familiarize the head with the affairs of a new company for him.

Our executive recruiting agency offers its clients services in the field of targeted recruitment of top professional personnel at very affordable prices for customers. At the same time, it should be understood that the procedure for finding a really good manager is a complex process that takes a lot of time.

The main differences between executive search and headhunting

Typically, recruiting firms are different from those that exclusively deal with headhunting. The second direction is only one of the constituent parts of the first. That is why, before using our services, you need to be clearly aware of the differences between different forms of recruiting. They will be discussed below.

Recruiting IT personnel for managerial vacancies through headhunting is very popular. At the same time, it is important to understand that this technique is only one of the constituent parts of executive search. Its peculiarity lies in the performance of targeted work with specific specialists. The headhunting process does not imply the selection of candidates, since the customer is interested in one specific professional, who in most cases already has a highly paid position, having achieved really high results in his own work.

During headhunting, a recruiter establishes contact with the specified person to find out his motivation and develop a further effective strategy for “enticing” him to another company. This is possible only if the customer is interested in getting such a specialist in his staff, since he is distinguished by all the necessary requirements necessary for taking up the position of a manager.

Today the job search for the head of the IT department in Odessa, Kiev or Lvov is often associated with the fact that there is no ideal relationship between an employee and an employer. This is exactly what headhunting recruiters take advantage of. Their main task is to identify existing problems and conflicts. Based on this, you can build a strategy for further negotiations with a specific specialist. It should also be understood that the financial issue is not always decisive. Successful leaders often pay more attention to the opportunity to realize their potential, to solve professional challenges or to participate in global projects. The prestige of the company also plays a significant role.

The recruitment process must be carried out in full confidentiality. This is due to the fact that otherwise there may be problems with competitors.

Despite the fact that executive search may use some headhunting mechanisms, this process of searching for executive personnel is more varied.

The advantages of our company

Our company Professional Staff Recruitment is a multidisciplinary organization whose specialists provide clients with a wide variety of services related to personnel search and employment. If you are interested in outsourcing of IT personnel or executive search in Kiev, contact us right now. Among the main advantages of joint cooperation, attention should be paid to the following:

  • really affordable cost of services;
  • fast execution of assigned tasks;
  • provision of a guarantee;
  • an individual approach to each client;
  • the ability to implement even the most difficult tasks, etc.

IT vacancies in Ukraine have recently been in significant demand. This is due to both the fact that this field of activity is actively developing, and the fact that a large number of international organizations have come to the country over several years. They open offices in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Dnipro for two main reasons: the availability of professionals and lower wages compared to the USA or Europe.

Thus, if you are interested in the selection of top specialists or specifically looking for a job as the head of the IT department in Odessa, then contact our specialists at the moment at the contacts indicated on the site: by e-mail or by a mobile phone number.

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